Saturday, 5 October 2013


One really fun part of my job is that I get the chance to travel the world. This year alone I have been lucky enough to work in Bali, Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket, Philippines, London & I just got back from Jakarta! 

The Swedish brand H&M booked me to make a celebrity guest appearance at Gandaria City, Jakarta for their first official store in Indonesia. 
I was so excited as i have never been to Jakarta before. 
H&M is one of my favourite brands to shop at, as its so affordable and fashionable. I shop at H&M all the time!

As I was flying in to Jakarta on Singapore airlines I could see such an amazing sunset. I'm a sucker for sunsets :) 

I arrived where I was met By Stephanie Retuya & Jessica Iris (The winner & runner up of Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1). I was so excited to work with Stephanie as she is one of my best friends! 

-Steph & I Arriving at Jakarta Airport- 

Our Hotel was nice and big! We each got out own room and I think Jessica got jealous as I ended up having the superior suite, haha! 

-Our hotel had a Living room, Kitchen, 3 bedrooms, Dining room & 2 Bathrooms. 

The Following morning Steph and I woke up early for breakfast buffet and I went for a swim in the gorgeous hotel pool. The weather was sunny and lovely. 

-Swimming in the pretty pool! (bikini from Aimer) 

But we didn't get to relax for long, before we knew it we went straight to work. First Job for me was presenting for Star World Asia. You can catch me next month on FOX TV reporting from Jakarta! Yay! 

-Official Presenter Reporting for FOX TV broadcasted on Star World Asia! (Dress By Mok Theorem) 

The Girls & I Reporting From Jakarta! 

After filming all morning we went straight to our official press conference at Gandaria City Jakarta. 
It was hectic as not only were we surrounded by reporters, but word had gotten out that we had arrived and the whole place was swimming with fans. It was so much fun! I loved the energy and I was so happy to meet everyone. 

Stephanie, Jessica & I At out official press conference. -We did interviews for cosmopolitan and many more Indonesian magazines so stay tuned for the next issue and read our interviews! Woohoo! 
I laughed so hard when Jessica said to the reporter that she had no drama on Asia's next top model, it was not shown on TV but Jessica is the biggest Diva i have ever met and we all knew it. 

2pm and we had finished out press meeting. I was starving!!! We ate at this amazing restaurant called "Munchies". 

-I had a salmon & steak Combo, it was epicly delicious! Meow

After lunch we went to our H&M fittings to decide what to wear for the evening. H&M were so kind and let us keep our outfits for the evening plus take home anything we wanted! I chose this amazing faux fur coat & black handbag. 

-Waering my new H&M Coat & handbag. (shoes by Sleeh 

Hair & Make up done and ready for the launch of H&M Indonesia! The first ever store at Gandaria City Jakarta. 

-At Hotel room ready for tonights event! Loved the dress H&M gave me. 

As we arrived, we were swormed by fans! It was so nice to finally meet all of you who write to me on Instagram (@thehelenachan) and on Facebook! You all made me feel so welcome & I love you all! 

-On The Red carpet at H&M launch :) 

I had an amazing evening, catching up with Steph & meeting wonderful new people. 

-Besties :) -unfortunately Jessica does not like to socialise with people, she prefers to keep to her self and she didn't really enjoy her time in Jakarta. But Steph & I had one of the best and most memorable evenings ever! I love meeting new people and I love Indonesia. Im the luckiest girl ever to have been able to visit you all. 

-Some Cuties I met :) Thank you for the support!

All in all, it was such a great trip and I am planing on coming back to Jakarta next year! So see you all soon, terima kasih!! Meow xoxo

Thursday, 19 September 2013

I Love Hong Kong

Hong Kong is my home, and I love it here. 
It has the most amazing country side & I just discovered my new favourite get away. 
My friend and I went hiking in the south side of Hong Kong Island and came across paradise. 

The Tai Tam Waterfall!

The water was crystal clear and the scenery was breathtaking. I could not believe I had not come here before. 

I immediately jumped in for a swim, and after a while I noticed something was biting my feet & legs. I looked down and hundreds of little river fish were surrounding me. It was so amazing! The bites didn't hurt, it sort of tickled me a little bit. 
I have been to spa's before where you pay a lot of money to put your feet in a tank and let little fish eat the dead skin from you. I was getting a free spa session here haha! 

I followed the stream from the waterfall about 30 metres down to a cluster of rock pools where my friend & I spent hours soaking up the amazing sun. 

It was one of those Perfect days where you feel ultimately relaxed and happy. My problems and stress just melted away, I did not want to leave! 

It was completely empty, no people around at all. This is defiantly become my new found escape.
If you ever feel stressed or sad, find your happy place.....I have found mine :) 

*Be Sure To wear, some flowers in your hair*  

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fashions Night Out

One Part of my job that I love, is that I am Invited to fashion events. I get to see first hand all the new collections from amazing designers and on top of that I meet such amazing people in the fashion industry. 

Last Night I attended Fashions Night Out at Lane Crawford IFC Hong Kong. 
The atmosphere was upbeat and fresh, it was a great turnout. 

The Model One Girls & I Arriving At FNO :) 

Last Night I felt great wearing my new BCBG Maxi dress. It's so versatile as you can style it casual and smart. 

Last night the dress code was smart/casual so I Added some big statement earrings and wore high black strappy heels. -I kept it simple, clean and elegant. 

Lane Crawford carries a lot of brands, but the collection that caught my eye and really stood out was  Marc by Marc Jacobs. 
The colours & patterns of his new collection are beautiful. His pieces have a very sophisticated but young feel. My personal favourite was this pink & orange clutch. 

All in all I had a fantastic evening. Fashions Night Out is an annual event and I am already looking forward to next year's. 
I was very happy to meet some Asia's Next Top Model Fans too! Thanks for Hash-tagging #helenachan so i could see them! 

Love you all! xoxo

Friday, 30 August 2013

Introduction To Me

Whats up everyone! My name is Helena Chan and I am a Model based in Hong Kong 香港. 

Personal Profile:

Ethnicity- Swedish/Chinese
D.O.B- July 6th 1989
Eyes-Light Brown
Languages- English, Cantonese & Swedish 

I always wanted to model, ever since I was a little girl. I would spend hours looking through fashion magazines admiring the artistic creations that had been made. 
At 15 I applied for the very first time to a few modelling agencies in Hong Kong and I was rejected by all of them. I didn't give up and continued to send my photos in to all the agencies. For years I was rejected, and I was almost about to give up. But one day shortly after my 19th birthday,  I received an email from one of the top agencies not only in Hong Kong, but the world. They wanted to sign me, and so began my modelling career. 

For 2 years I worked small jobs and did a lot of test shoots to improve my portfolio. Modelling was nothing like what i expected. It was tough to get used to constant rejection and fierce competition. I was not really given the chance to show what I can do. 

One day a friend of mine called me and suggested I joined the first ever Cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. I always loved Tyra Banks and watched Top Model religiously, so I thought why not try. 
I applied with the thought of probably not making the cut, but to my surprise I was accepted as contestant. 

I represented Hong Kong on the first ever Cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It was a crazy, tough and life changing experience. 

When i returned from the show, my life changed. I Proud to say that I have graced the pages of Harpers Bazzar, Esquire, Baccarat Magazine, MRMagazine and many more. 
I have Booked numerous campaigns & walked in fashions shows for some of the most amazing designers in the world. 
And last but not least, I am in the process of designing my own Shoe Line which will be called 'Helena Chan'. 
Stay tuned and follow my career right here or on Facebook & Instagram!
Facebook: Helena Chan -Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1
Instagram- thehelenachan 

Harpers Bazzar Editorial-


Inniu Campaign-

Revolution Magazine-

Stay Tuned for more! Bye Bye :)